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At Maverick International Business Services (M.I.S.C.O) our vision is fueled by helping as many small businesses and entrepreneurs find innovative and cost efficient solutions for growth and expansion. Our team of experienced business consultants here at Maverick International Business Services, have a background in a number of fields giving us a broad range of knowledge to draw from. Whether you’re looking for specific advice or need all round assistance navigating the current business climate, we’re on hand to guide and inform. Contact us through our booking form to see how we can help.

Our most valuable and effective way we assist our hard working entrepreneurs is by our internal networking. We connect you to our clients and fellow entrepreneurs who are in need of a service you provide! 

  • You have a catering business? Let us connect you to a company party. 
  • You provide business cards and business material? We have entrepreneurs and small businesses who need your business. 

Whatever professional business you provide, we have clients and other fellow entrepreneurs who need your services.

We want to help you build your business!

Contact us for business opportunities!

How does our service work?

Our comprehensive range of services means you can rely on and trust us to deliver a suite of effective solutions for your organization, whatever its size.

Is there a fee to join our team? 🔆 We understand that transparency is vital and respected. Our fee is more like a referral payment. If you provide a service to one of our clients, 75% of your listed price to the public, is what you earn while the remaining 25% is garnished. From that 25%, ten percent is the discount the client receiving the service receives and the 15% is our fee.

Example: You charge the public $100 for your service. Our client will receive a 10% discount and 'MISCO' will receive their 15% fee all while you make 75% from a contact and business transaction that we brought to you.

Our experienced and professional team are able to help you find the right strategic solution for your business including: reshaping hierarchies, company audits, marketing, financial advice, tax assistance, legal paperwork and other ways to help you to identify ways of streamlining workflow processes.

🔆 Under the desired service, click BOOK and add a message with details or question(s) for your request.

Why choose us?

Why choose us? Because we can relate. We understand how difficult it can be to step out on faith and start your own business with only a few contacts and connections. Marketing your business can be stressful and sometimes take time. By choosing to a part of our team, you essentially get a head start. Some of our members join our team with a current clientele list but we all know how "word of mouth" referrals work and any extra business, is good business. 

We provide practical advice and tailor-made solutions to take your business to the next level. We have a number of highly skilled, results-driven and experienced consultants who will be matched to your business needs so you can depend on consistent advice. We are enthusiastically committed, client focused and pride ourselves on delivering strategies that drive results, enabling you and your organization to excel.


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Papi Mike

04 February 2021

04 February


Fast and very responsive. Was able to get a notary in a 24 hour time frame. Very professional and very punctual. Definitely my go to for a notary. Did I mention...
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